Unpacking a Verse: Isaiah 49:23b

Then you will know that I am the Lord;
those who hope in me will not be disappointed.  Isaiah 49:23b

I've decided that for this week's blog hop in Proverb's 31 "A Confident Heart" Study, I will "unpack" Isaiah 49:23b.  See: Verse Mapping 

I considered all the other topics, but since doubt and depression are huge issues for me I didn't feel ready to write about them.  Maybe I will get there...for now, Isaiah 49:23b.
The first thing I did was personalize...

Then Heather will know that I am the Lord; when Heather hopes in me she will not be disappointed.

I need to remind myself that He speaks directly to me through His word. 

Next I thought about the word "know".   It doesn't say Heather will speculate or guess or think...it says "know".  That is tough for me.  I want no doubts.  I want to be sure with everything in me that He is Lord and what He says is true.  Theoretically I get it, but I still question Him all the time.  And then it hit me...He is assuring me that I will know.  I will get there. 

But the next part of the verse speaks to that. 

Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.

When Heather hopes in me she will not be disappointed. 

According to Merriam-Webster, "hope" means...

: to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true

So if Heather wants to know He is the Lord and thinks it could be true she will not be disappointed! 

If I want to "know" and think it can happen it will.

Lord, please help me grow closer to you each day.  Give me such a thirst for you that I make the time to spend with you each day, regardless of anything else going on around me.  Give me the faith to hang on when I feel uncertain and lead me to a place where I have no doubts.  Remind me that my feelings can be deceptive, and I can choose to believe even when I don't "feel" it.  Thank you, Lord, for what you have already done in me!  And thank you for what is to come!

This makes me think of a song that speaks to my desire to know Him more so I thought I'd share.  Be blessed and thank you for reading!

"Desert Soul" by Rend Collective




  1. Heather, I love how God revealed His Word to you. Thank you for sharing. I am praying that prayer with you :) Hugs, my sister!

  2. Thanks for helping me understand verse mapping a little better!

  3. Wow, I have never done verse mapping and it is awesome!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Glad it helped you. I've tried breaking it down, but that article I linked to REALLY helped me understand it better! I will be doing it more from now on. It seemed so simplistic but opened up a lot of understanding.

  5. This is wonderful thank you! God bless you as you continue in your life journey in Him. Liz

  6. I love the way you personalized the verse! I always believe God's promises for others, but have a hard time believing them for me. I will certainly try this technique! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Brandy, I understand that all too well! I do the same thing and am hoping this will help me really grasp it myself.

  7. I am right there with you - In my head I KNOW that I should trust in the Lord and will not be disappointed but sometimes my heart just doesn't connect. But I praise God that He continues to love us in those moments of doubt and promises good things for us - we will not be disappointed! Thank you for sharing!


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