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The Goodwill Adventures of an Injured Craftaholic...and the Pinterest Vortex

Today I ventured out of my seclusion.  Not far, actually...just around the corner to the Goodwill.

The doctor says I can't lift anything heavier than a milk jug, but stresses how much I need to walk.  So I walked  around my apartment.  Sometimes I wrapped up the cord, strapped on the black bag containing my wound vac (sounds fun, huh?), and ventured outside a few steps.  Needless to say, my apartment walls are closing in on me.  In truth, they already have closed in on me and are crushing me into the dust. The longer I'm here, the more our clutter, etc is driving me crazy.  So what do I do?  Go to Goodwill to buy more clutter! Oh wait, I meant go to Goodwill so I could walk around and look at stuff. ;)
Almost immediately, I broke something.  Yep, I'm a smooth one.  In my defense, I picked up the jar, and the lid flew off.  The tape wasn't on there securely, as it had been on all other jars.  Have you ever experienced  that moment when you know something bad is about t…

World Domination and the Little Guy

I'm not sure why, but I have a thing for the little guy with dreams of world domination.  Maybe I admire their spirit.  Perhaps I feel sorry for them.  Or maybe I secretly long for supreme power?  Could that be why I blog?  I feel the need for followers...
I've loved Brain the longest.  He toils away each night, trying to take over the world.  His only companion is the lovable, yet clueless, Pinky.  If you never watched this cartoon, I'm sorry.  Your life is not complete.  Here is an example of his awesomeness.

Plankton was my next love.  While most people prefer the goofy singing sponge, give me the maniacal little guy with dreams of taking over!

A while back, I fell in love with Dr. Horrible.  Neil Patrick Harris plays the lovable mad scientist in love with Penny, a girl from the laundromat he's never spoken to.  His dreams of ruling the world are constantly thwarted by the "…