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What is Love?

I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about how people change when they get into a relationship.  The conversation was about where the line should be drawn.  If your partner gains 20 lbs do you drop them?  100 lbs? All agreed that if your significant other changes much you have every right to move on...the argument was that it's no longer the person you fell in love with...

I think the whole conversation showed a completely wrong attitude about fact, what they described isn't love at all.

Everything in that little radio bit was selfish.  Their entire focus was on "me".
In our culture, that's how love is viewed.  

I think love should be a commitment to put another person's happiness above your own.  I'm not saying we should let ourselves fact, if we love our partner we should try to stay healthy for them.  What I'm saying is that if our focus is selfless instead of selfish, wouldn't our relationships …