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When God Goes Beyond Calling....

There are times that God calls us for something...

And then there are times He shoves us into the deep end...headfirst...kicking and screaming all the way! 

I am currently a supervisor to a staff of six.  As of March 1, I am going to be a supervisor to a staff of thirty!   I wasn't asked.  I wasn't offered the choice.  I was told this is what I was going to do.

And I was terrified....not of the position, but of myself not being ready...

I gave them reasons why I wasn't enough.
They countered with reasons why I was.
I whined.
They smiled.
I said there are too many different personalities there and they might not like me.
They said they thought I was great with everyone.
I said I didn't have the skills.
They said they knew I did.
I said "I don't want to"
They said "too bad"

So I panicked!
I thought of every "what if" in the book...
I created a huge wall I'd never be able to climb...heck, I created the Great Wall of China!
But everyo…