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Planting Seeds

Recently, God has convicted me that I need to spend much more time in His word.The challenge is that I am not following someone else’s study. There is nothing wrong with studies led by others, and in the future I have no problem doing them.But I have been convicted that God wants to speak to our hearts sometimes without being colored by another person’s opinion.So I am praying and letting Him lead me in understanding. Why Ephesians?I’m not really sure.It may stem way back to youth camp.The focus one summer was Ephesians.It must have been powerful because I remember it, and there are actually very few things I remember vividly: ·Dawson (Noswad) McAllister and the snot jokes
·Bright yellow t-shirts
·Some cute guy at Devil’s Bathtub (It was a rock basin type thing…hey, I didn’t name it!)
·The gum tree (kinda gross actually)
·The wasps that were EVERYWHERE
·COOKIE DOUGH (eaten while feigning a headache to avoid sports I wasn’t into at all)
·A few pranks in the dorms (of course I was completely in…

Kingdom Mindedness

My heart is broken for this world.There is so much pain and hunger and fear and injustice.It’s often difficult for me to find a balance between caring and letting it all overwhelm me.Maybe that is the reason missionaries and the people they serve have been on my mind so much…
I’m not sure how many of you know that I felt called to go into missions when I was thirteen.Over the next few years, I convinced myself that it was just a “church camp high”.My logic was that there is no way God would ever call ME.Psh.Who am I?Nothing.
I have gone back to this over the years.Sometimes I feel the pull so strongly it threatens to overwhelm me.I get so frustrated by the fact that I seem stuck where I am.I cry out to God, “If you want me to go, then show me the way!!!”At other times it’s a gentle tug…somewhere in the back of my mind I feel His presence urging me on to something.The closer to God I get, the harder it is to ignore.
What purpose could He have for the likes of me?
I have recently had a bit …


An average day in an average place
With an average wife and an average face
An average house and an average car
With an average wish on an average star
An average job and an average wageAn average life in an average cageAn average school for an average goal
An average depth to an average soul
An average hope and an average plan
An average day for an average man
An average talent
An average brain
An average breath
An average pain
An average fear
An average rageAn average life in an average cage.