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Procrastination Song

‎(To the tune of Jingle Bells)
Dashing through the store, with a jacked up shopping cart, through the aisles I go, growling at Wal-Mart. Grrr grrrr grrrrrr. People everywhere, don't know what to buy, gotta hurry and get out or else I'm gonna cry. OHHH...Christmas time, Christmas time, Christmas time again. Always plan to be prepared but I can never win. OHHH...Christmas time, Christmas time, too late for online...and yet I sit and waste more time to share my yuletide whine!

Be a Lighthouse...


I have come to a conclusion.  Sometimes God uses us by throwing us into an ocean of nonbelievers.  But how do we shine effectively? 
I know you've heard that Jesus is like a lighthouse, but guess what?  If Jesus is in us, we should be as well!
For so the Lord has commanded us: "I have set you as a light to the Gentiles, that you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth.’”  Acts 13:47
Does a lighthouse make a lot of noise?  No.  It just shines.  We shouldn't hide our light, but we also shouldn't beat people over the head with our beliefs.  We can be open.  We can express our belief.  We can even disagree with LOVE.  But then we need to drop it and just live...our light should shine with no words.  When sailors would rather face a tsunami than stop to chat, you may be talking too much.
Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of…

I love Bay Area Park! (Clear Lake, TX)

Just a couple of my two favorite pictures from my afternoon at Bay Area Park...

Sunshine Growing in Random Places

I live in an Houston...across the street from a movie theater.
But God loves to throw in little bursts of nature here and there...and when I stop to notice, it makes me smile.

This isn't out in a country meadow...or on a mountainside...
It's between a theater and a grocery store, but that in no way takes away from the beauty.  

I think I need to search for other wildflowers tomorrow.  
"Earth laughs in flowers"  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Most Damaging Virus Ever...

I hate being sick.
Do you ever feel that brief moment of panic when a co-worker (or friend or family member) coughs, sniffles, and then blows their nose...loudly?  It's generally followed by the groan and "ohhhh ib thick...".  (Translation:  "ohhhhh I'm sick" in stuffy nose-speak)

It's at this moment that my adrenaline takes over. I jump back a few feet, throw my hands up, and say, "I don't wanna get it!  Stay away from me!"  
I then proceed to saturate everything they may have ever touched with Lysol, run to wash my hands repeatedly with antibacterial soap, and start popping vitamin C.
Not very comforting, I must admit...but did I mention that I HATE being sick?  
I'm sure I'm not the ONLY germ-a-phobe here either!  I KNOW some of you are with me.  When I'm sick, you return the we are even.  
And sadly, it doesn't always work.  We still end up catching it, but at least we know we have done our best!
I had an in…

More more MORE...

Growing up, she dreamed of being an adult.
She grew up, and then she dreamed of having a husband.
She got married, and then she began to long for a child.
She had a baby, and then she wished she could give the child more.
Her husband got a better job, and they gave their baby the best.
She grew lonely wishing he wouldn't work so much. 
She saw her friends with pretty clothes and wanted what they had...
So she got a job and bought a new wardrobe.
She decided she worked hard and deserved a trip,
So they went on a cruise.
Once she returned home, she missed the luxury of the ship.
So she redecorated.
The bills began to add up, and she wished they had more income.
It seemed like everyone had more than she grew frustrated.
She wished she had the freedom of her single friends, and then her husband left.
Depressed because her marriage failed, she whined to her mother about how she wished she was a child again...

Simple Days...

"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."  -Anne Shirley

I agree.  
Sitting around the living room, laughing at the stupid chihuahua...
Making up our own twisted lyrics to a song...
Wandering around Hobby Lobby and taking silly pictures...
Snuggling up in a rainstorm and dozing while he reads...or plays on his tablet...
Sitting across a table creating art together...
Laughing at youtube...
Putting my head on his shoulder while nerding out to Doctor Who...
Yep...those days are the best.  :)

When God Goes Beyond Calling....

There are times that God calls us for something...

And then there are times He shoves us into the deep end...headfirst...kicking and screaming all the way! 

I am currently a supervisor to a staff of six.  As of March 1, I am going to be a supervisor to a staff of thirty!   I wasn't asked.  I wasn't offered the choice.  I was told this is what I was going to do.

And I was terrified....not of the position, but of myself not being ready...

I gave them reasons why I wasn't enough.
They countered with reasons why I was.
I whined.
They smiled.
I said there are too many different personalities there and they might not like me.
They said they thought I was great with everyone.
I said I didn't have the skills.
They said they knew I did.
I said "I don't want to"
They said "too bad"

So I panicked!
I thought of every "what if" in the book...
I created a huge wall I'd never be able to climb...heck, I created the Great Wall of China!
But everyo…

A Fairy Tale Life...

People always seem to long for a "fairy tale" life...but I was thinking, is that really a good thing?

Sure, MOST of them end well...but what did they have to endure to get to that point?  And even with the "happy" endings, was the final result all that great?

Cinderella was an emotionally abused orphan. She had to deal with the untimely death of both her parents!  To make matters worse, she was stuck with a horrible stepmother and two nasty pieces of work for stepsisters.  They made her a seriously overworked servant and teased her mercilessly.  I know some kids who aren't crazy about their steps, but come on...most aren't THAT bad...

Think about it...they would rather BREAK THE LAW then let her have one night of happiness!  These are not pleasant roommates, people!

Skip to the fairy godmother...she waves her magic wand and....

            POOF!  Instant makeover!!!

Now even I can admit that the idea of a fabulous transformation into a gorgeous supermodel…

Twisted Television Tales

Once Upon a Time, there was a New Girl who was good,
Who found herself the victim of an unplanned Parenthood.
Mister Roger's Neighborhood would never be the same, After living through the Cupcake Wars, she knew she wanted Fame. She quickly packed The Office, and then forwarded her mail, She hopped aboard The Love Boat, where she happily set sail.
The girl was a Survivor, and her child filled her with Glee.
She started Dancing with the Stars and promptly broke her knee.
Injured and alone, and needing help within a flash,
She called her good friend Merlin, and he conjured up some cash.
Satisfied with her new life, she bought herself some Cribs,
And then she got an Entourage, but found they told her fibs.
All the Pretty Little Liars, with their lip gloss and their hair,
Always chased after the Bachelor, and they didn't want to share.
And Unforgettable Blue Bloods, hunted evil Criminal Minds,
All utilizing CSI to analyze their finds.
The Mentalist would help his Friends by solving wi…

My First Attempt at Creating a Textured Painting with Hot Glue...or Elmer's...

I haven't been on much lately.  I've been too busy off in crafting world!  Pinterest has totally inspired me.  My family thinks I've gone completely insane...well, more so than usual anyway.

I will spare you the multitude of projects I have been dabbling in...we would be here all day....

However, after spending part of the night and most of the day on this latest one, I'm sharing!

I've been saving cans, boxes, jars, bottles and any other containers I can think of.  In my search for recycling projects, I ran across the idea to turn a cereal box into an artist's canvas.  I have tons of cereal boxes...most of which are currently 1/3 full of stale, old cereal.  I was intrigued.

But wait!  There's more!  The artist not only used a cereal box for the canvas, he used hot glue to trace flowers and create the beginnings of a painting!!!  Cool!!!  Tim Coffey Art has SO many neat ideas.  (I tried to link the direct video, but it didn't work...sorry!)

Here's …