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I love Bay Area Park! (Clear Lake, TX)

Just a couple of my two favorite pictures from my afternoon at Bay Area Park...

Sunshine Growing in Random Places

I live in an Houston...across the street from a movie theater.
But God loves to throw in little bursts of nature here and there...and when I stop to notice, it makes me smile.

This isn't out in a country meadow...or on a mountainside...
It's between a theater and a grocery store, but that in no way takes away from the beauty.  

I think I need to search for other wildflowers tomorrow.  
"Earth laughs in flowers"  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Most Damaging Virus Ever...

I hate being sick.
Do you ever feel that brief moment of panic when a co-worker (or friend or family member) coughs, sniffles, and then blows their nose...loudly?  It's generally followed by the groan and "ohhhh ib thick...".  (Translation:  "ohhhhh I'm sick" in stuffy nose-speak)

It's at this moment that my adrenaline takes over. I jump back a few feet, throw my hands up, and say, "I don't wanna get it!  Stay away from me!"  
I then proceed to saturate everything they may have ever touched with Lysol, run to wash my hands repeatedly with antibacterial soap, and start popping vitamin C.
Not very comforting, I must admit...but did I mention that I HATE being sick?  
I'm sure I'm not the ONLY germ-a-phobe here either!  I KNOW some of you are with me.  When I'm sick, you return the we are even.  
And sadly, it doesn't always work.  We still end up catching it, but at least we know we have done our best!
I had an in…