Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Thoughts...

            This time of year always gets me a little depressed.  I thought in the past it was because I was alone.  This year, I have a wonderful man and his two daughters to celebrate with (along with the already wonderful family God has blessed me with).  Still, I find myself getting a little sad.  I've come to the conclusion the holiday melancholy is more than just who I'm with. 
            I can't figure out what it is though.  I do find it sad that we are so commercialized.  I'm sick of retailers corrupting Christmas songs with attempts to lure shoppers to their stores.  I'm completely disgusted with Black Friday, and this year is worse than ever.  They now have stores opening at midnight on Thanksgiving!  People get killed in that rush to find the cheapest toy or laptop.  Is it really that important?  Let's open several hours earlier so the injuries can begin faster! 
            The holidays also get me thinking a lot about the world.  Everything is about peace, love and goodwill to all.  It makes me sad that we aren't that way all the time.  Why do people only serve at soup kitchens during the holiday season?  Why is that the only time, besides Easter, that people go to church? 
            I'm going to try harder this year to focus on the positives.  I've noticed over the years that our tree has very few store-bought ornaments on it.  I'm glad of that.  My daughter and I have always enjoyed making our own.  I think as the season gets more and more politically correct and commercialized we need homemade ornaments more than ever. 
            All over Facebook this year has been "30 days of thankfulness" status updates.  I love this and am participating.  I know that personally, I need all the thankfulness reminders I can get.  I have decided that December needs to stay in the right focus I'm doing things to purposely keep Him in my thoughts.  
            I like the idea of homemade gifts and acts of service.  Another idea I read is to purposely give a "gift" to God.  This can be whatever you pray about and he lays on your heart.  (spend more time with Him, give up something, finally forgive someone, etc)  This is very personal and should just be between you and I'm praying about what He wants me to give.  
            Since I'm a Facebook junkie, I love the spirit of daily thankfulness, so I'm considering ways to continue that. I thought about posting a scripture a day, or posting quotes from Jesus.  I've decided to let God lead me.  I will post something that glorifies God each day.  It may be a scripture, a quote, a thought, or whatever else God places on my heart.  
            I am praying for a joyful holiday season.  If I keep my eyes on the Lord, how can I be depressed?  


  1. Heather these are some deep and wonderful thoughts. I like the thankfulness daily and wish I had started but November has been rough! You have done well with your sadness. I know you can rise above the commercialism of the holidays and enjoy the true spirit and love we should all share. Keep Jesus at the center of it all. hugs, Linda

  2. Yeah, Linda...this has been a tough month for me too. I had to force myself some days, but I felt like I needed to work at thankfulness.