Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have Public Schools Lost ALL Common Sense?

I know a seventh grade honor student.  She makes good grades, and up to now has never really been in trouble.  She has recently been studying to take her SAT as part of the Duke University Talent Search.  The other day, this child made a stupid mistake.

She now has a $400 ticket, 3 days of suspension, a month in an alternative school (where they send the thugs), and she may get kicked out of her magnet program.

If I heard that, I'd think, "Wow.  She must have done something awful."  Some of the things that come to mind are cussing out teachers, flipping over desks, drugs in the locker, etc.  Did this child do anything like that?  Nope.

She wrote her name on a wall...with a washable marker.

What ever happened to "let the punishment fit the crime"?  Yes, there should be a consequence.  Make her wash the wall and put her in detention!  If she makes a habit of it, increase the penalty.  Even real courts take a person's record into account.

Apparently public schools are so worried about gangs, thugs and maintaining order that they have lost all  common sense.  It just breaks my heart that a good kid is getting hurt in the process.  Oh wait...this is the same school that wouldn't give the child a pad when she started her period early because she didn't have a quarter...

Dont' even get me started on that...

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