My Happy Place

I love Bay Area Park.  I think it's because it doesn't feel like Houston.  In fact, it's one place down here where I can go to escape traffic noise.  It has the feel of being off in the country, by a lake.

This place helped me maintain my sanity last year.  I spent most of my lunch breaks there....thinking, praying, writing, taking pictures...

It was my quiet place.  It still is.  There are times I go there just to get away.  

Bay Area Park does disappoint me though!  

These signs are posted everywhere:

Damn.  I REALLY wanted to agitate an alligator...and introduce him to my five pound chihuahua...

(By the way...being the Grammar Nazi I am, I must mention the incorrect word choice on the sign...if you see it too I love you!  I mean, really?  If the city pays for a sign you'd think they would have someone edit...)

Here's the crazy part...I was there once and saw someone letting their two dogs splash around in the water.  Now I'm not an expert, but I'm thinking that if the city takes the time to post these signs, there just might be alligators lurking somewhere.  

But maybe that's just me...


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