Getting all "blogged" down with decisions...

I finally bit the bullet and started a blog! This is something I've wanted to do for a while, but the process is overwhelming. On the surface, you might think it's a rather simple process. Pick a blog site, name your blog, apply a template. Done.

Anyone that knows me well at all will realize how much I struggle with making decisions. The tendency to over-analyze everything is a curse. (Note that the word "analyze" begins with "anal"...this is very appropriate)

Dilemma number one: What site do I use?
Being the lemming I am, I jumped off the cliff and followed my few blogging friends from Facebook.

The name was my second dilemma.
I thought of several overused sayings, awkward windows into my head, and titles suggested by friends. My math genius college friend does get props for his suggestion, "It's a Heatherful Life". Maybe down the road I will actually get good at this and use his creation. We shall see.

Being a very visual person, I was also stressed about how the blog would look. A little voice told me something profound though....
It said, "you can always change it later."

This led to an epiphany! I can change all of it later...or just create a new one.

I do believe "rambling out loud" totally sums it up.


  1. So glad you started a blog. I love blogging and it has really changed my life. Enjoy!


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