Tales from a Restroom Stall...

You know, it's funny how God works. Sometimes he can take the simplest moment to drive home a point.

This is not very glamorous, but yesterday I went to the restroom as we all do. I glanced down to make sure there was toilet paper before doing the deed. This is something I have learned the hard way in the past.

All was going as planned until that moment of tragic realization... though there was toilet paper, four squares would never be enough. If you have ever experienced the horror you will understand.

To make matters worse, I did not bring my phone. I was on a school campus with a small staff. Without the ability to get up, I had a lot of time to think. I calculated the probability that someone would enter in a timely fashion, and it was a little discouraging to realize it might be an eternity before someone else entered and was able to assist.

The restroom at this school is off in a dark corner of isolation. Ordinarily, I appreciate the location as it offers privacy. I now see another side to that logic. I could yell and bang the wall, but it still might be a long time before someone would hear my call for help. I was stranded and without options.

I thought of those emergency wipes in my purse, bought for times such as this. I remember thinking they were going to come in handy one day. This would have been that day had I remembered to bring the purse.

After contemplating the universe for unknown hours... or maybe a minute... I reached out to God and said, " Lord, give me an idea here."

As I spoke to the heavens I glanced up in that direction. Lo and behold, there was a glorious roll of spare toilet paper sitting on the top of the stall.

While I had been sitting around focusing on my "crappy" situation I neglected to look up.


How many times does this happen in our lives? We walk through the day with blinders on to the bigger picture. More specifically, we fail to see what God is already doing for us. There may be a solution right in front of us...or directly above...if we just take a second to look around.

Whatever you are going through may be difficult. You feel as though you are alone in a corner where nobody will hear your cry for help, but God knows. He sees you. He hears you. Look up. Look around. Take off the blinders.

And grab your purse with the wipes next time you head to the restroom...


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