The Beginning of a Journey...through Photoshop!

I've been working on learning photography the past couple of years.  Lately, I've been wondering what original art I could create with Photoshop.  Somewhere along the way, Alyssa (my daughter), was also bitten by the photography bug.  She took the picture, and the editing is mine.  I wanted to make sure and give her credit for an amazing shot to work with!  I had some too, but this was just the right "feel"...if that makes sense...

Yes, it is rather dark.  No, I am not going to start sacrificing puppies to the gods of chaos.  I just happen to like fantasy and think this is incredibly cool.

Oh and by the way, isn't Brittany beautiful?! (One of my stepdaughters)


  1. It is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl and amazing editing. I love the 'fantasy' aspect of it!


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