This didn't go the way I thought it would.  I started this poem with a different goal in mind, but it ended up here.  It's a compilation of things people say to me in my depression before they walk away.  Eventually, most people do walk away.  Depression drains the victim, their family, and their friends.  It sucks for everyone. 


Pray some more
Try this pill
Find your joy
Must be God’s will
Pick yourself up
Just push through
Make it happen
It’s all on you
Take a class
Make a friend
Distract yourself
And it will end
Fake a smile
We all get sad
Snap out of it
Or I’ll get mad
It never stops
I can’t get through
No matter what
I say to you
I have no words
I see no end
And so I walk away
My friend


  1. Powerful! Heather you know this to be true as you experience often.

  2. Yes, Linda. I know. Note how many people are here...exactly.


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