More more MORE...

Growing up, she dreamed of being an adult.
She grew up, and then she dreamed of having a husband.
She got married, and then she began to long for a child.
She had a baby, and then she wished she could give the child more.
Her husband got a better job, and they gave their baby the best.
She grew lonely wishing he wouldn't work so much. 
She saw her friends with pretty clothes and wanted what they had...
So she got a job and bought a new wardrobe.
She decided she worked hard and deserved a trip,
So they went on a cruise.
Once she returned home, she missed the luxury of the ship.
So she redecorated.
The bills began to add up, and she wished they had more income.
It seemed like everyone had more than she grew frustrated.
She wished she had the freedom of her single friends, and then her husband left.
Depressed because her marriage failed, she whined to her mother about how she wished she was a child again...


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