Monday, October 17, 2011

An Apathetic Generation

We couldn’t reach a debt agreement, so we raised the debt ceiling
And we wonder why people are going bankrupt
We watch as social security gets cut more and more
And we wonder why younger people disrespect the elderly
We take prayer out of school and make Christians into a joke
And we wonder why kids are losing all morality
Our television, movies and video games are getting more violent all the time
And we wonder why our children are
We can’t be bothered to get involved at our child’s school because we are too busy
And we wonder why our kids don’t take school seriously
We don’t have time to read to our children
And we wonder why they don’t like books
We see pollution, bullying, and homelessness, but we look away
And we wonder why our children are apathetic.

Maybe we should look in the mirror?