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Writing Through a Broken Heart

My heart was broken several times last year, and I am still recovering.

I am not talking about love.  Actually, that part is one of my blessings.  (I married my love on May 4, 2013!  He is wonderful!!!)

Broken hearts are not always the result of a love gone wrong.  Life has other ways of destroying us.

In my case, it was mostly career-related.  I was the Center Administrator for an Early Head Start that I dearly loved.  It was my baby.  My staff was amazing.  I loved my families.  I felt that I had found my calling in life.  My center was a ministry.  Even through the death of my father and a major surgery, I was so blessed. 

That changed in March of last year.  I was moved against my will to a much larger center where I had previously been a teacher.  I loved many of those ladies as friends.  We had faced it all together.  We were a team.  And then I was told I had to go back and supervise them.  Leaving my center broke my heart.  Plus I knew the bigger school would be a challenge..…