What do you do when you're all alone
And the world is crashing in
And you know that you will never change
Because you know you never win
And you're tired of all the helpful friends
And the ones without a clue
And the ones who tire of all your crap
But pretend to care for you
Because nothing ever really helps
And the pain will never end
And you're tired of spinning all your wheels
For the joy around the bend

Because even when you seem ok
And the others think you're fine
And you have a somewhat better day
And the sun begins to shine
But you know the smile will go away
And the rain will drench your soul
And the pain inside will reappear
And the damage take its toll
Because you know it never goes away
And the drugs just aren't enough
And the therapy just wastes your time
And just getting up is tough

And they pray for you
And counsel you
And offer you advice
And they give you books
And Scripture cards
And they're all so very nice
But they never really understand
And they try to hold your hand
And they think there's light one day for you
And they pull you up to stand
But though you want to pull away
And you wish the pain would end
And you think about the peace of death
But you'll never hurt your friend
And so you push your way through life
Inside an empty shell
And pray for death to claim you
And release you from this hell


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