Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Goodwill Adventures of an Injured Craftaholic...and the Pinterest Vortex

Today I ventured out of my seclusion.  Not far, actually...just around the corner to the Goodwill.

The doctor says I can't lift anything heavier than a milk jug, but stresses how much I need to walk.  So I walked  around my apartment.  Sometimes I wrapped up the cord, strapped on the black bag containing my wound vac (sounds fun, huh?), and ventured outside a few steps.  Needless to say, my apartment walls are closing in on me.  In truth, they already have closed in on me and are crushing me into the dust. The longer I'm here, the more our clutter, etc is driving me crazy.  So what do I do?  Go to Goodwill to buy more clutter! Oh wait, I meant go to Goodwill so I could walk around and look at stuff. ;)

Almost immediately, I broke something.  Yep, I'm a smooth one.  In my defense, I picked up the jar, and the lid flew off.  The tape wasn't on there securely, as it had been on all other jars.  Have you ever experienced  that moment when you know something bad is about to happen, and the world goes into slow motion while you stop breathing, but to no avail?  I was suspended in that vortex, as the doomed piece of glass plummeted to it's tile-floor death.  Luckily, another shopper ran for help.  Being a responsible citizen, I stayed in place to make sure all the other bargain-hunters wouldn't be injured.  Since I currently have the speed of a snail on muscle relaxers, this was probably a good call.  After an eternity....or ten employee FINALLY came to dispose of the shattered glass, and I was off to wander aimlessly, looking for treasures. 

I discovered Goodwill shoppers can be a bit territorial.  While browsing the baskets, I saw one that was rabbit-shaped...with RED eyes (the basket, that is...not the shoppers). As I was contemplating why anyone in their right mind would have such a horrible thing in their house, I unwittingly began eavesdropping on a squabble. Two of my fellow shoppers on the next aisle over were arguing about personal space.  Let's call them Invader and Annoyed for ease of storytelling.  Invader was getting way into Annoyed's space.  Annoyed told her to stop.  Invader said Annoyed was crazy.  Annoyed became more annoyed and pointed out the vastness of the store.  She told Invader, "Look around, we are in an ocean and you are determined to crawl up in my little shell with me!  I'll be done in a minute.  BACK OFF!"  I guess Annoyed had a crazy look in her eye, because Invader backed down and walked away. 

Darnit!  I was all set and ready to witness a full-blown Goodwill death match.  Alas, my dreams were thwarted...

However, my violent dreams were forgotten once they announced that everything with an orange tag was 30% off!  Goodwill shoppers go a little crazy and I must admit, I did get excited.  I decided to take a second look.  I mean, I can't pass up a sale at the Goodwill!

I blame my sudden urge to peruse the thrift stores on Pinterest!!!  If you have been in a hole and haven't discovered this site, go check it out.  I'll warn you though, it's HIGHLY addictive...and I seriously believe it's a vortex that distorts the space-time continuum....
I have been sitting here now for a couple of weeks with nothing much to do.  At first, I hurt too much and was pretty heavily medicated, so I would just lie here in my recliner, scrolling through pins.  Once I eased off the medication and gained some mobility, I knew what my mission in life would now least until I heal more fully...

What is that mission you may ask?  I'll tell you...


Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  It's an obsession.  I've been creating scrabble tile jewelry, little glass fridge magnets, charms, and have shrinky dink paper ready to go...

I have begun to collect every jar, box, Pringle's can, toilet paper tube, tin can, and anything else I can think of.  I need to start drinking those little bottles of Starbuck's because they look like old fashioned milk bottles, and there are crafts to be done with them.  I've put out a Facebook alert for all my friends to save liquor bottles if they party over New Years.  I want to refinish old dressers, shelves, and tables.  I want to pull all the drawers out of my dresser so I can put them on the wall as shelving.  I want to create a bookshelf out of the dresser that will no longer have drawers...

I have a burning desire to hunt down old apple crates, beat up pallets, rustic doors, weathered ladders, and vintage tea boxes to use them in creative ways.  I have looked at everything in my home and wondered how it can be re-purposed. 

I have somehow recently acquired a small addiction to vintage jewelry.  I am itching to create my own with resin.  I pulled out my grandmother's jewelry box and have been googling incessantly to see if anything has value (not to re-sale, just so I don't re-vamp something that should be left alone).  

Just a small sample of the jewelry my grandmother had...

I am dying to find a big, ugly picture, so I can jack the frame and use it to create a groovy magnet board.   I am looking at all my pictures to see which one I can make into a dry erase board.  I am going to make picture frames, gift card holders, photo boxes, and wall art from old CD cases.  I am going to use all those old DVD cases that no longer have DVD's in them (grrr....does that make you crazy or WHAT???)...I'm going to make coupon organizers and notepad holders out of those.  The old, scratched CD's will become magnets or ornaments.  

I am determined that my friends will all receive handmade gifts from now on, such as bath salts, sugar scrub, or bath oil.  Or little pies in Mason jars, or DIY candles, or or or....well, you get the idea.  

What does this all this have to do with Goodwill?  

I found a wooden plaque to re-do with my own art.  I found some interesting bottles for a dollar or less.  I found an armoire I'd kill to paint for $54...but I had to walk away...such a sad day...

I found a jar with all the green, teal, and cobalt blue floral beads that I've been thinking would be great in my bathroom...for a steal.  My inner toddler screamed with excitement over the dollhouse I found, but I somehow managed to pull myself away....but it would be SO much fun to decorate and add furniture...look, it even has a little porch swing! 

My motherlode came in the form of 2 bags containing jewelry-making supplies.  Container after container of beads, findings, tools, wire, etc!!!!  If you have priced that stuff, you know we are talking some serious $$.  I was actually saying earlier in the day that I'd love to try my hand at it, but I couldn't afford to buy the things I'd need.  I got a ton of stuff for about $9 total.  This was confirmation from God that I should make pretty necklaces!!! (Ok...maybe that's stretching it a bit, but I take the signs where I can) 

I mean....LOOK at all this!!!

The only problem now is me.  I am so exhausted after my trip to Goodwill that I don't have the energy to craft!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

World Domination and the Little Guy

I'm not sure why, but I have a thing for the little guy with dreams of world domination.  Maybe I admire their spirit.  Perhaps I feel sorry for them.  Or maybe I secretly long for supreme power?  Could that be why I blog?  I feel the need for followers...
I've loved Brain the longest.  He toils away each night, trying to take over the world.  His only companion is the lovable, yet clueless, Pinky.  If you never watched this cartoon, I'm sorry.  Your life is not complete.  Here is an example of his awesomeness.


Plankton was my next love.  While most people prefer the goofy singing sponge, give me the maniacal little guy with dreams of taking over!  

A while back, I fell in love with Dr. Horrible.  Neil Patrick Harris plays the lovable mad scientist in love with Penny, a girl from the laundromat he's never spoken to.  His dreams of ruling the world are constantly thwarted by the "hero", Captian Hammer, who is a complete jerk.  Dry humor, mad scientist bent on world domination and singing...pure genius.  Joss Whedon, I bow to your greatness.  Of course, NPH, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day also help to make this amazingly epic.  I love all three!  

If you are still with me, you have by now realized I carry a PLATINUM nerd card.  

Does anyone want to apply to be my minion?